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Your best opportunities in Real Estate

Vanstruction Group utilizes a proven process to realize development projects that yield the best margins in real estate investing.

As an experienced developer and construction firm, Vanstruction Group creates Limited Partnerships and helps investors generate worthwhile returns while feeling safe and secure. The key to the success of this partnership is Vanstruction’s ability to provide understandable and straightforward private investments with an investor-first structure.

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Starting from the Beginning to Maximize Returns

Focused on multi-family residential developments in the world-class Metro Vancouver real estate market, Vanstruction Group provides an advantage in this competitive space.

Working alongside Vanstruction Group, Limited Partnership investors are in at the very start of a project when the prices are still low. Returns thus are much higher than a standard real estate purchase, even pre-sale opportunities or pre-sale investments. Getting in from the ground up means you are gaining the maximum return of any kind of real estate investment.

Taking care of your investment

Investors Get Paid First

A core management team that has accumulated over 30 years of experience in various aspects of real estate development and investment takes care of the limited partnership investors so that they can realize returns well in excess of conventional investments.

It is not just about building homes but ensuring that these homes are desirable and successful in the market while built with maximum feasible returns in mind. Vanstruction Group takes care of its investors from the date of land acquisition until the day we sell the asset, through careful planning and attention to detail, consistently looking to make return-conscious decisions for high returns. Best of all, the investor is paid first at the successful completion of the project.

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leading people home

Vanstruction Group believes in the philosophy of efficiency, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.

Vanstruction Group has earned a superior reputation in the marketplace through a continuing commitment to profitability, quality construction and the timely completion of projects on time and on budget. This has allowed the company to become a successful developer in the competitive Greater Vancouver region. Vanstruction Group relies on quality personnel and experienced leadership to exceed our clients’ expectations. With a portfolio of excellence in established and emerging markets, Vanstruction Group has built residences in Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. With years of experience making desirable homes, Vanstruction Group’s tried and tested investment model has provided outstanding returns for our investors.

the limited partnership

Straightforward investing in a structure second-to-none for
maximizing returns.

Vanstruction Group invests in each project through a separate Limited Partnership. These Limited Partnerships are not itself subject to tax under the Income Tax Act and all profits flow through the Limited Partnership back to the investor, in this case the Limited Partnership unitholders.


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